Merrymeet Calendar

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Merrymeet check-in time is 2:00 on the Saturday you arrive

Check-out time is11:00AM on the Saturday you leave

June is a beautiful month.  Open the cottage widows (every room and especially the living room have screens) and let the fresh breezes flow through. Grab a great read and curl up in one of the easy chairs. Local golf courses are well groomed and in pristine condition, awaiting the July rush.  You will find Merrymeet to be well -stocked with a comprehensive collection of Jack whyte's Sky stone series of novels, and there is a wide assortment of board and card games.

July and August are our peak months, water becomes gradually warmer from the end of June until the end of August. The woodland paths are inviting, bring swimsuits and bicycles, paddle boards and beach gear. Lazy mornings having breakfast on the dock, and swimming out to your private raft to lay in the warm sun.

September is a very special month as well, the leaves are turning shades of yellow and red, yet the days are warm. Perfect for leisurely walks through falling leaves and quiet canoe paddles on the still placid waters. The fireplace and electric heat will keep you cozy.

Yellow highlighted weeks are booked. Merrymeet is closed for the winter season after Thanksgiving, frosty  nights can freeze the water lines.

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